ansible role for gitea
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Ansible role: Gitea

Gitea (front no reverse proxy) with use of embeded let's Encrypt acme.

In our case, we uses Gitea with a mariadb database witch isn't on the same server. This role does not install mariadb.

On templates/gitea.ini file

JWT_SECRET = 1bBwvwFreUqcVSvPPO7UZ_4ovAGtQI_kIq070ua4Mms

SECRET_KEY     = xdD1yrkDWNq6LNqTx3bfa3kWOLv8Ew0HOCDzb2QfsJLVpsrcOoPjCA7G9bhTUsVv

Delete them the first time you launch Gitea. It will generate others token / keys.

Edit the defaults/main.yml file to set your own values.